Raising the Bar

Our Troop has completed its semi annual elections. New leaders are assuming their positions, some after six months of training, watching, and picking up the do’s and don’ts of the boy led troop, while for others this is their first opportunity to lead.
Last night after the Troop meeting I asked to talk to all the newly elected leaders.
My talk was simple and to the point.
It was about raising the individual bar.
All of these Scouts have potential to be good leaders, notice I did not say great. They all have potential to be good, effective leaders. For some of them it will come harder than others, but as long as they want to lead, they will.
We have certain expectations of our leaders, regardless of their age, rank, or popularity in the troop. The first expectation is that all of our leaders set a good example.
This at times can be the most difficult. When a Scout becomes a leader he does not automatically enter the “No Fun Zone”. But he does have to watch how he acts. If we expect the Troop to be well behaved and demonstrate good skills, then the leaders need to be an example of good behavior and a master of skills. They need to know when the time and place for screwing around is and when not to do it.
They need to understand that they are looked to for leadership and guidance. From both the youth and from the adults. They need to understand what the goals of the Troop are for the year and we are asking them to buy into the plan by creating a course of action to achieve the goals both at the Patrol and Troop level.
The new leaders have got to raise the bar. The bar that is the Troop and the bar that is the individual hurdle.
Setting a good example, wearing the uniform properly, acting like a leader and moving away from being a follower.
They will all be attending Junior leader training where they will learn the mechanics of leadership. But it all starts with the boy in the tan shirt.
He will learn what to BE, KNOW, and DO. But he needs to start by BEING A GOOD EXAMPLE, KNOW HOW TO BE A GOOD EXAMPLE, AND DO HIS BEST TO BE A EXAMPLE OF SCOUT SKILLS AND GOOD ATTITUDE for his Patrol and Troop.

I am looking forward to working with this group of boys. They all have so much potential, it will be exciting to see them in six months and next year. It will be exciting to see how far they go in the next year… the sky is the limit, lets see if they get there.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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