Friday night lessons

More talk about teamwork… or Trustworthy, Loyal and Helpful.

This weekend, much to my wife’s surprise, I woke up in the same bed as her.. a weekend free of Scouting activity. The first of its kind in about a month.
But like most of us, when we are not Scouting, there is Football, Soccer, Band and other activities that occupy our time.
For us September and October brings the falling of leaves, chilly mornings and Football.
Last night we went to our high school football game, our daughter is in the band and did her part to provide some motivation to her team.. as much as a clarinet can. Our youngest son is the starting quarterback for his Middle School team, so a night watching the High School team is a great opportunity to learn and pick up a few tips.
Last night the Reynolds Raiders did not do to well, they were blown out, but what we did get to see was a team. They played together in a loosing effort, they showed good team work. They showed that they all had the same goal, and while they could not achieve it, they did not stop trying till the last whistle blew. They were loyal to each other, everyone doing their job on the field, and the guys on the bench doing their part staying ready to go in if needed.
Josh, my youngest watched as they could not seem to punch the ball over the goal line, but he watched the details, the line pulling together, the QB keeping his head and leading the team, the receivers running the right patterns and the running backs giving everything they had for inches.
He saw determination and teamwork.
Even in a loss, the team became more important than the win. We could see it because they never gave up. Even when it was easy to call it quits and not give it all, the team remembered that it was bigger than the individual. Trustworthy, Loyal, and Helpful. The Team!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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