Your Road map to Character

It can never be said enough… the Scout law is your road map to Character. In leadership development we teach the Scouts to BE, KNOW, and DO. Simple ways for them to remember what it is that is expected of leaders.
The Scout law teaches us HOW to BE, WHAT to BE, and HOW to ACT.

Trustworthy, Loyal, and Helpful.
These three words can be summed up by the word TEAMWORK. In Scouting we teach and live the Patrol Method. This requires us to work as a team, setting us up for the rest of our lives. Being a member of a team suggests that we will not let the team down, that we will shoulder our share of the burden, and that we will always look to the well being of the team before our own. This concept drives us to living a life of Selfless Service.

Friendly, Courteous, Kind and Obedient.
These four parts of the Scout law when put together guide us in what we should BE. Good manners and discipline will leave lasting impressions on those that we make contact with. A kind heart and a willing mind will take us to places in life that are purposeful and leave our mark.
To be Courteous, Kind and Obedient takes discipline. It will force us to move away from peer pressure and always do what is right. They will shape who we are instead of just being another face in the crowd.

Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.
This is how we should act in our daily walk. Cheerful in everything we do, even when it is a task that we do not like. Thrifty, not only with our money, but as a steward of our resources. It will take a brave heart to make decisions in life. Decisions that will be hard and sometimes not popular. Remember that majorities are not always right.. Being brave and always doing what is right is more important than being popular or part of the majority.
Clean and Reverent in our thoughts, our actions, and our bodies. God made us in his image so the good book says… treat your body like it. Take care of your self. eat right, exercise and learn. Develop a relationship in your faith group. Gain a better understanding of who God is and why we are who and what we are in his eyes.
Doing all of this will shape you and guide you in your actions.

Using the Scout Law is a road map to Character. Living the twelve points will ensure that your life will be well rounded and headed in the right direction. Using the map to find your way will never leave you stranded or lost.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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