Back to the Basics… Leadership

Last night I attended our monthly District Committee meeting. Now there is nothing special about that in and of itself, except last night as I sat and listened to a discussion about why we can not get registered adult leaders to training, I thought to myself it is all about the basics of leadership.

A leader once told me that “You can lead a horse to water… but you have to motivate him to drink”.
That’s right… its the basics. To lead people to training, to camporee, to become registered leaders we need to remember the basics. People will be led if you provide them PURPOSE, DIRECTION, and MOTIVATION!
I got a bit fired up about it explaining that if we want people to be trained we need to give them a reason to be if the scouts were not enough reason. That is their purpose.
We need to motivate them to go to training… as if the boys that keep showing up each week were not enough motivation.
And we need to give them some direction. People are drawn to action. This action causes people to do something or start heading in a direction that leads them to what they want.
In the case of training untrained leaders need to be given a date and time, maybe have them preregister for training, this will set their wheels in motion to getting there. I know that if I register, even if it is free I am more than likely to attend. The simple action of writing it down causes me to remember and make it important.
And so it goes with most activities in Scouting. I am tired of hearing leaders say that they can not get enough help. I have to ask… what have you done to get it… and when I say done… did you provide Purpose, Direction, and Motivation? or did you simply ask hear the word “NO” and move on? If you did the latter… you are not leading and therefore you will not get the desired results.
We see it time and again, 12 year old Scouts that effectively lead by using this model. They begin to understand what motivates their Patrols, they get an understanding of what it is that the SPL is asking for and lead from the front to set their patrols in motion to executing a task. If you have ever been to a camporee.. you saw it.

Leadership is how it is done. We train our Scouts to be the future leaders of America, why then do not not practice what we preach?
It is just a matter of getting back to the Basics. Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.. that’s is how you lead.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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