You do.. that voodoo.. that you do… so well

I can’t seem to get the vision out of my head, of the Camp Director at Camp Baldwin as she talked to the Scoutmasters early one morning . Was it her appearance, could be, but I know it is all because of what she said.
She talked a few minutes about how the Scouts had arrived at camp… a leader brought them.
She spoke briefly about who taught them how to cook and clean up the camp when done… a leader.
She elaborated about the person that would be calming a home sick Scout down one night this week… a leader.
She thanked all of us for the many hours that we dedicate to providing the program of Scouting to the boys in our units.
We hear “thank you’s” and the like a lot. Parents thank us on occasion, Scout leaders thank us, and once in awhile the Scouts do to. We appreciate that, but rarely solicit the thanks, the pats on the back or the always popular 100 Grand bar at the Christmas Court of Honor.
Scouters that understand the value of the program and see the impact it has on our boys need no thanks, no pay, no accolades. We do it because the boys keep showing up, we will sacrifice time and energy and dedicate countless hours to provide the very best for them.
I had the pleasure of conducting a Scoutmaster conference for one of the young men in my Troop this past Monday night. He said that he had overheard some of the Adult leaders talking about how much we got paid. He asked me if the money was good and if I get benefits.
I replied to him that the money was awful but the benefits were outstanding!
He asked why I did it if the money was no good? Then I explained that my payday comes with every smile and success, every mile on the trail, and every quiet night by a camp fire. Every time I get to honor a Scout with achievements and awards. I told him that one day when he is a man, and a productive member of our community, when he runs for office, starts up a business, or just gets his 20 year watch at a company or a plaque that reads “For Loyal and Faithful Service”. I will get paid. When he comes back to the Troop for a visit and he has a story to tell about the great time he had in Scouting… I will get paid.
In short… the boys are our pay day! And that is all we need… to watch them grow and become men of Character.
The Camp Director thanked us. She thanked us for being there for the Scouts. And I for one appreciate it. I did not need it, nor did we ask, but it sure was nice to hear.

And so I in turn Thank all of you that dedicate your time and energy in providing the very best program in the world for our boys. I thank you for taking time from your life and making sure that an example of selfless service is set for all to see, especially the Scouts. I thank you for maintaining the spirit of Scouting and teaching the values found in the Oath and Law, not only with your mouth, but with your actions.

Thanks a million.. you are truly worth the 100 Grand bar coming your way!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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