Friends of Scouting

Ahhh… don’t let the title fool ya! I’m not wanting money…right now.
I had a great discussion with some of my friends in the Scouting world the other night.
They were there to join me on my podcast, but we got into the discussion about how many great people you meet in Scouting.
Within your units, within your Districts and Council, and around the world.
Looking back I can see the impact Scouting has had on friendship, meaning the amount of friends I have made through Scouting.
Since I have started blogging and podcasting, you could not imaging the numbers of people that I now coorespond with regularly, talk to, and share ideas with.
Serving on the District committee, being and advisor with the Order of the Arrow, and running district events has opened my eyes to many now and fantastic Scouts and Scouters.
This last weekend I had the pleasure of backpacking with a few members of our OA Chapter. We did 20 miles and did some trail work on a much needed section of the PCT.
The trek was awesome, we saw 5 of the 7 mountains of the Cascade range and you could not ask for better people to trek with. I met two new (to me) Scouters, that I am sure that we will have lasting friendships.
Like I said doing the blog and the podcasts has opened up many friendship doors and I am thankful for that. I can only hope that one day I can meet with some of the folks, maybe at Jamboree.
Most of the people that I have listed in my Scouting Blog section are friends and I hope you pay them a visit.
A new blog that just hit the net is by another friend of mine, from Green bay. Shawn started a blog and I hope that it takes off and does well… regardless, I am sure that if he blogs about some of the ideas that him and I have talked about, and he has many, his blog will be a huge success.
So check his blog out at

Scouting opens up pathways to friendship. Take advantage of the friendships with great people you meet along Scouting’s trail. You will be thankful in the end that you met such wonderful people. And the touch they have on your life will be priceless.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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