Comment response Manager v. Leader

In response to a comment left for the post “Manager v. Leader” by a reader of the Blog Bryan- I thought it would be fair to let everyone in on the email that went back and forth after the comment.
Bryan is a student of the Civil War and really knows his stuff. So here is the conversation. Kinda makes his comments make a little more sense.

Bryan-Thanks for your great email. And as a student of Civil war history myself, I can not argue with any of your points… other than to say, my point had less to do with WHO was in front… rather the actions taken by EFFECTIVE leaders. The post is not intended to be a history lesson, but a lesson in fundamental leadership.. sound leadership principles of providing Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.
By day 3 of the battle, the Confederate Army and the Union Army soldiers had as much reason to flee as they had to stay and fight. It took leadership to motivate the men, it took Corps commanders to get the buy in of their Divisions to communicate the urgency of the fight.I agree with you… And Armistead was a great leader, even before the Civil war he had demonstrated exceptional leadership in the Army of the United States.
Thanks for your comments.

Sorry to be so nitpicky, I just finished Gettysburg by Stephen Sears, an incredible study on the battle so the facts are fresh in my mind. What I should have said about Pickett’s charge was that it not only demonstrated leadership by Longstreet/Pickett but Pickett’s leadership illustrates the use of resources and personal relationships. While Longstreet did not agree with Lee he prepared a battle plan and gave it to Pickett (and Trumble and Pettigrew). Pickett organized his battle line as he saw fit and put the men he thought he needed where they needed to be. Armistead knew it was a forlorn hope but made the best of it and reached his goal, although costing him his life. While the end is a bit morbid it is a perfect illustration of not only Chain of Command but how even the ASPLs and Patrol Leaders need to put research and planning into everything the Troop does…
Armisead=Patrol Leader

Great points on the relationship between SM and Lee etc.
If have not yet need to read Gettysburg, a testing of courage by Noah Andre Trudeau. Great book.

Thanks again Bryan for a great discussion.
And thank all of you for being loyal readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast

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