Having a Great Scouting Day!

I have received some emails asking why I changed my “Tag line” from “Happy Scouting” to “Have a Great Scouting day”.
Well the simple answer is that someone else that is prominent in the online Scouting community already uses “Happy Scouting” and while it is not a trademark phrase… I thought it would be best not confuse readers.
Then I got to thinking about the new phrase. And it really fit me better.
How do you have a great Scouting day?
Well to start you wake up Cheerful. You are Friendly and Helpful. You are Courteous and Kind. Obedient and Brave. You try to be Thrifty. My friends and acquaintances all know that I am Trustworthy and Loyal. I work to be clean in everything I do.. thought and deed. And last, but certainly not least I keep God with me all through the day, remaining Reverent in my beliefs and actions.
I do my best, which sometimes is tough. Keeping myself morally Straight and mentally awake takes some doing, especially in the world we live in that bombards us with things that can sway our judgement. While I don’t go to a gym, I stay physically fit, remembering that my body is the only one I have and I need to take care of it.
A great Scouting day… well I guess that would be a day of Scout Spirit. The kind of Spirit that makes others feel good. That rubs off on them and leaves them with a smile, or at least feeling better. A spirit that shows my community that Scouting is alive and well and that things are not as bad as the nightly news tells us.
A great Scouting day… yeah.. it fits a whole lot better than “Happy Scouting”. It pretty much sums up what every day should be.
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a “Great Scouting Day”!


Have a Great Scouting Day!

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