Happy Belated Anniversary

What happens when you do not pay attention.. you miss something.
I am not sure how significant it is, and I truly do not stay awake at night thinking of this, but on the 18th of July 2007, this Blog was started.
226 posts and 10854 visitors later, oh and a Podcast that is listened to by one or two folks, this thing might just work.

I enjoy doing the Blog and Podcasts, and it is because of the emails and comments I get that I will keep it going.

So Happy Anniversary to the Scoutmaster minute!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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4 Responses to Happy Belated Anniversary

  1. admin says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for keeping it up. I enjoy watching for you updates.

  2. Happy Anniversary!Keep up the great work.Steve BScoutmaster, Troop 68, CMChttp://www.melrosetroop68.org/blog.html

  3. Nick Wood says:

    Jerry, congratulations on your 1st birthday!I always find your blogs, both the written one and the podcast, interesting and informative and always look forward to your next post.Keep up the great work and as you say ‘Have a Great Scouting Day!’Nick

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Bithday! Congratulations Jerry. When do the videos start? lol Curt

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