The age old story of the boy that cried wolf is timeless and speaks to us regarding credibility, it essentially goes like this:

A young boy in a small village felt that he never received attention. So one day as he was tending to the sheep, he cried out that a wolf was nearing the herd. This alarmed the village and they ran to the aid of the boy and the herd.
Upon arriving, the villagers found no wolf, just the boy and the sheep. They asked if there was a wolf, the boy replied that, no… not really, he thought he may have seen a wolf.. but there was no wolf.
The next day, the same scenario played out in the fields just outside of the village. The young boy again, tending to the flock cried out WOLF…WOLF… and again the people of the village came to the aid of the young boy and the flock of sheep.
Again they found no wolf, no harmed sheep, and the young boy alone. They asked the boy where the wolf was and again he replied that there really was no wolf.
The third day as the young boy watched over the sheep, a wolf appeared and began to attack the flock. The young boy in a panic yelled WOLF..WOLF!!.. no one came. The wolf continued to wreck havoc on the flock and the boy continued to yell.. WOLF… WOLF!!! Still no one from the village came to the rescue.
The wolf took the sheep it wanted and left the boy and flock. The young boy returned to the village with the remainder of the sheep. The owner inquired as to why there were missing sheep. To which the young boy told the story of the wolf that attacked the herd. The young boy asked why no one came when he cried Wolf?
The old man who owned the sheep replied that they did not believe the boy. That for two days the boy cried wolf when there was none. The boy had lost the trust of the villagers. On the third day when the wolf actually came, the people of the village did not want to waste their time running to a emergency that was not real.
The young boy has lost credibility with the people of the town.

We too can loose our credibility when we are not living the Scout Oath and Law. When we are not Trustworthy and Loyal. When we fail to be Courteous and Kind. When we are not Thrifty and Reverent.
These parts of the Scout law are visible to others and demonstrate to others how we live our lives. They build credibility. We loose that credibility when we stray from the values of the Oath and Law.

It takes a lot to earn credibility and Trust… it can vanish in a minute.
Be careful with yours, you may need it when the wolves of our lives attack and we need help.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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