We will have to see…

Our PLC has been having an on going discussion about the way that the Patrols interact. Not just interaction between the Patrols, but with the Scouts in the Patrols.
What started out as a good idea at Summer Camp quickly turned into some Scouts that were left out or Scouts that were unhappy with the groups that they were “Stuck into” and with the Scout leadership that emerged from the results of the last election.
That we will let lie for now…

To address the concern of the Scouts that felt they would get a better Scouting experience in a different configuration, we did just that.
The Troop committee looked at a few options and finally I decided on a course of action that I felt addressed their need to form “Like” Patrols and the need to maintain a Troop of Boy led Patrols.
The method that was chosen was to put the whole Troop in the middle of the Room. We called each corner a Patrol. The Scouts had 15 minutes to go to the corner of their choosing. They could have no less than 4 Scouts in a Patrol and no more than 8.
The results were what was to be expected. The older Scouts gravitated to each other and the younger Scouts separated along skill levels or “likeness’s”.
Honestly it is what I expected, but not what I was looking for. But like I told the boys… you make the choice.. you live with it.
After the Patrols were chosen, we went outside for a team building exercise. The younger boys excelled, while the older boys struggled due to lack of focus or commitment to the task.
Point made.

We will see how this works out. I think it is too soon to judge the outcome, and certainly too soon to throw in the towel.
One of the Assistant Scoutmasters worried about the Boy leadership…. I assured him that one of the Boys would lead… it always happens that way. And with proper training, Teaching and Coaching from the Assistants and me, the Scouts will be successful.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Good note. Getting effective patrols together seems to be an ongoing challenge. Our troop reshuffled patrols last year to integrate young and old. While that has mostly worked we still have weaker patrols based on the fact that regardless of age some guys just aren’t as into the experience as others. We persevere.


  2. Interesting idea. I’m not going to split patrols but I may suggest this to our boys just to see waht happens at a few meetings. Knowing our Scouts we may get the same results, and you are right, there is always one Scout that takes charge of the leadership.


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