Still Proud and not afraid to talk about it!

Yet another Ordeal Weekend has come and gone. No matter how many times I go, no matter how much I work with the Scouts of our Order of the Arrow Chapter, no matter what, they [the Scouts of the Order of the Arrow]… STILL make me proud.

A note to Scoutmasters… If you do not have active members of the OA in your Troop, you are missing out on the opportunities for both your Scouts, and your Troop, to see leadership and dedicated service in action.

As well as the ceremonies of the Ordeal Weekend, the Scouts work hard to prepare the Scout camps for the summer camp season. This weekend, due to extreme weather at Camp Pioneer, the Scouts of the Cascade Pacific Councils Wuana La’Montay Lodge moved to Butte Creek Scout Ranch. It was the first time in 10 years the OA had conducted an Ordeal weekend at the camp, and the timing could not have been better. Butte Creek is a Cub Scout (Webelos) camp with horse riding opportunities, BB Guns, Archery and the whole camp experience. The Scouts remain in camp for a 4 day, 3 night experience that is designed to prepare them for the leap to Boy Scouting.
Butte Creek does not get a lot of attention by the OA, due to the Cub Scout nature of the Camp and a robust staff of Wranglers that work the ranch on a regular basis.
This year due to the harsh and prolonged winter, the camp took a beating. Tent platforms were a wreck, weeds and brush had over grown, and general camp maintenance was the order of the day.
The Order of Arrow was there to meet the need. Cheerfully the OA went into action. A list that filled a 10X8 white board of tasks to be completed and repairs needed showed the Scouts that much work was to be done.
One by one the items on the list were crossed off, until the remainder of the list read.. “OPEN CAMP FOR SCOUTS…THANKS OA!”

The Scouts had rose to the occasion and got it done.
Pride.. yep that makes you feel great.. not just me, but the Scouts that accomplished the work.

And then there’s the Ceremonies…
Our Chapter..the Great Thunderbird Chapter, held Pre Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood Ceremonies. We certified a hand full of Scouts in their parts and provided some memorable ceremonies for the new candidates .. Arrowmen.
The site was perfect, the lodge went up and the site constructed by the scouts. Practices started and fine tuned parts lead to some of the best ceremonies I have seen.

An added bonus…

Josh, my youngest son and Arrowmen of 2 weeks, got his first shot at ceremonies. The older guys got him in some regalia, and he stood guard over the coveted sashes of the Ordeal. A bit part, but he got to dress and feel like part of the team. This is a great way to get them and keep the Scouts active and involved in the Chapter, the OA, and Scouting.

I can never say it enough.. these Scouts make me so proud to be a part of Scouting.
They give me such hope for everything that is great about our program and reassures me that Scouting is relevant, fun, and produces great results in the Scouts and camps we serve.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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  1. I sure do wish that I would’ve taken up scouting when I was a youngster. IT appears that some great life skills are learned during scouting that can help a young boy take life by the horns without flinching. Great blog, I look forward to more posts.


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