Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader…

A great discussion tonight at our District meeting prompted some thought.
We got to the point of the meeting where we talked about Trained leaders within the District.
I am not going to share those numbers, but lets say that across the board in the Scouting Program we have an issue with getting Registered leaders to training.

So there is the topic.. Why do registered leaders not attend training? And what can we do to get them there.
I think it is not to much to ask for a registered leader to attend training. If a person understands the value of the Scouting program, then there should be no problem getting folks to training.
But sometimes it is hard to get people to truly understand the value of Scouting.. or better yet, the value of a trained leader within the Scouting Program.
The comment came up about all of us being volunteers and there is no way that we can force or make someone go to training, and while that is true, there seems to be an obligation to the youth in the program to provide trained leaders for their Scouting experience. Again, if you understand what Scouting offers, then training is a no brainer. But what about the new Tiger Cub parents? In most cases these are new parents to Scouting. Many have never been associated with Scouting. They got a flyer and came to a join night, now they are registered leaders. What do they know about Scouting?
Well, its a catch 22. They don’t know much, because they are not trained. They are not trained, because they don’t know (in most cases) that they need training.
You know… I can read online, buy a book at the Scout shop, and pretty much figure out this Scouting thing. Right? I suppose that could be true, but skipping out on training you loose to much.
Training provides consistency from leader to leader. Training provides resources, not only the book stuff, but the advantage of Scout leaders that are the trainers with their vast knowledge and experience. I do not think that is over rated.
Training provides a foundation from which leaders build. It opens the doors to the many facets of the Scouting program.
It encourages more training… WHAT!!!! MORE TRAINING!!!
Yep, more training! There are so many training supplements designed to enhance your units experience, and then there is Wood Badge.
But again, for those of us that understand the value of trained leaders… this is a no brainer. We get trained and stay trained for the boys. Like the slogan says, Every Scout deserves a trained leader.
Volunteer or not, you need to understand that this is all about the Scouts.
In my last post I discussed time. If you really believe that there is value in Scouting, and that the boys deserve trained leaders, and that trained leaders provide a better Scouting program.. then you will get trained and encourage the rest of the leaders around you to get and stay trained.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. It seems a shame that some people don’t want to do training. If I started in a new role / organisation / job and wasn’t given the training, I’d be wondering what to do and wouldn’t enjoy myself.In the UK, we have to do at least 5 hours training a year on anything to do with Scouting, so we keep up to date with things and / or learn new stuff. Even the Leader who’s been around for years will always pick up something new from a training session.When we get new Leaders the first thing they always say that they’re not sure they can ‘do’ Scouting as they can’t tie knots! We always reply that it isn’t necessary to know how to do a bowline, but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn is.If Leaders don’t want to train, why join?Nick


  2. My council (Narragansett Council, RI) mandates that all direct contact leaders be trained.I find it amazing that this is not the national policy. I feel that all adult leaders be trained for their position including committee members, Chartered Organization Reps, etc.Jeff Coleman


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