A Scout is Thrifty

…With his time.

Time Management is an important part of life and Scouting.
You hear to many people say that they don’t have enough time in their day… I would say that they do not prioritize and plan well.
You see as we go through life we pick and choose how to spend our time. We dedicate time to those things that we first must do, like work and school, and then we prioritize based on our interests, hobbies and the things that we like to do.
We choose to participate or not in activities, groups, sports, and entertainment. But we always have time. What we do with that time is up to us and our priorities.

I dedicate what some people see as an excessive amount of time to Scouting. That may or may not be true, based on priorities.
I believe that Scouting is good and worth my time. Scouting is family time. Scouting produces good men, and I feel that if I make a contribution to that end, I have done something good for my Community and Nation. So Scouting is high on my list of priorities.. and therefore I make time for it.
Faith, Family, Taking care of my family financially (work), and Scouting are high on my list… So I make time for it.
When asked if I can undertake a task or assist on a committee, I make a choice to participate or not. I do not say that my plate is full or I don’t have the time, because that would not be true. I fill my plate to level that I want to. Free time is a priority too, and so I make sure that there is some of that in my life. It is more important for us to be honest and tell someone that you are not interested, rather than to say you don’t have time. You have time, but the task they are asking you to help with may not be a priority…right now.
Scouts are Thrifty with their time. They manage it and prioritize it.

You take the time to read this blog..why? Because Scouting is important to you.. I write it for the same reason.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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