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Show 10

A discussion about the Webelos to Scout Transition.

I am posting Show #10 a bit early as I will be at Camporee this weekend and want to keep the weekly podcast on time.This show discusses points about the Webelos to Scout Transition. Specifically the roles of the Pack, Troop, and District.

Listen and Download here

References for this show:

BSA pamplet #18-086

Happy Scouting!

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Mothers Day 2008

“A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.”
–Irish Proverb

Happy Mothers Day!

and Happy Scouting!

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The Scoutmaster Minute Show #9

Discussion on the Role of the Scoutmaster as it applies to Assistant Scoutmasters, The PLC, and Scoutmaster conferences.
In this show we discuss some ideas on how to best utilize Assistant Scoutmasters and the role the Scoutmaster plays in the Patrol Leaders Council. We also talk about Scoutmaster Conferences and the impact they have on the Troop and the Scout.
This topic was suggested from John from Germany…a loyal listener to the PTC media..Thanks John, and thanks to all of you that continue to make the Scoutmaster Minute worth the time and energy.

Listen or Download here
Standard Podcast [56:31m] mp3 format

Happy Scouting!

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Merit Badges and the Summer Camp program

Some view Summer camp as an event to earn merit badges. While the merit badge program is a part of the Summer camp program, it is not the objective of summer camp.

Summer camp is an opportunity for the Scouts to spend a week with their friends, participate in some adventurous activity, relax, learn and grow….away from home, cell phones, and X box’s.
Summer camp is a time for boys to be goofy, to strengthen friendships, to develop a sense of independence.

The Summer camp program does offer merit badges for the Scouts to work on and earn, and while much is made of the opportunities to earn those merit badges, there should be no pressure on the Scout to “take as many as he can” for the sake of earning badges.

I would rather see a Scout sign up and earn one merit badge and have the time of his life at camp than see him work himself into a merit badge frenzy and leave Summer camp with nothing but merit badges. No great memories of the water front, or hanging out by the camp fire, no stories to tell about a hike they took while others toiled away in leather craft or the fish they caught…but it got away.

Summer camp is all about the experience…not the badges. My fondest memories of Scouting are of Summer camp. I remember days at the waterfront canoeing or purposely trying to roll the row boats. A hike that a buddy of mine and I took that found us on top of a peak over looking Camp Freedom and beautiful view it rewarded us with.
Hanging out at the campfire till we could not see straight anymore… and having the Scoutmaster finally tell us to hit the rack. The friends that were forged over Summer camp are what every Scout remembers for a life time.

I am glad that my Scoutmaster let us go to camp and have fun. And now I do that with my Troop. I only “Make them” take one merit badge.. and usually it is an Eagle required one that they may not have… or it is simply one that they may be interested in. The rest of the time I want them to have fun.

If you are not having are doing it wrong.

Happy Scouting!

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Scoutmaster minute from the past

Here is a Scoutmaster Minute that I heard a couple years ago. Looking through some old files the other day, I came across it and thought it was worth posting.
I can’t take credit for it and I do not know who the author is… but the story is a good one.
As Scouts we need to take this lesson to heart.

Sand and Stone

A story tells of two friends who were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey, they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, she wrote in the sand:

They kept on walking, until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and started drowning, but her friend saved her. After she recovered from the near drowning, she wrote on a stone:

The friend, who had slapped and saved her best friend, asked her, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, and now, you write on a stone, why?”
The other friend replied: “When someone hurts us, we should write it down in sand, where the winds of forgiveness can erase it, but when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone, so no wind can ever erase it.”

Author Unknown

Happy Scouting!

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Running your business like an Eagle Scout

In my constant search for good Scouting material…
I stumbled on this blog today. It was timely as we have been having a discussion regarding the value of Scouting and how it will pay dividends in a persons life.
CLICK HERE to read the blog post.

A thoughtful piece. I appreciated it, I hope you did.

Happy Scouting!

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The Troop Annual Plan

Everything starts with Planning. If you fail to plan well, you will have a hit and miss year of Scouting. If you plan effectively.. you will have a terrific year of Scouting.. it really is that simple.
Even the units that do not execute the plan all that well will have a great year given they plan it well.

Podcast Show #8 discusses the Troop Annual Plan. It outlines the tools needed to establish the plan, why we need to plan, and how to conduct the annual planning session.

Listen or Download here
Standard Podcast [32:56m] mp3 format

Happy Scouting!

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Sometimes you just have to go with what someone else wrote…

There is a blog that I visit often called “Scoutmaster“. Written by a Scoutmaster that seems to be a traditional Scouter that believes in the Scouting program as I do.
Anyway… enjoy his article… and pay his site a visit too.

Program – Canned or Fresh?
Canned programs for Scouts are attractive because they are easy. They are also poor excuses for a Scout activity. Canned experiences require little preparation, skill development or leadership. In our part of the world there are whitewater rafting trips, ski weekends, museum lock-ins and similar activities that only require Scouts show up and be led by the hand through an activity or presentation.
Scoutmasters should be adamant that activities are aimed at fulfilling the promises of Scouting and not simply entertainment. Activities that Scouts plan and present for themselves, as imperfect or halting as they may be, are always preferable to a canned program.
All of our Scouts want to ‘have fun’. Canned programs can be ‘fun’ but are simply an end in themselves. Fun is not an aim of Scouting but Scouting is fun. Scouts get a real sense of satisfaction from creating their own program. Scouting demands that Scouts be more than participants – they must be the planners, the leaders the developers.
A Scout-made program surpasses any canned program. When the Scouts have invested themselves in building a challenging, ambitious activity they benefit from something they have done for themselves.

Happy Scouting!

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