Ok… so I am biased

The Gresham Outlook… our hometown paper featured the Hero’s memorial ceremony held on Monday as its front page story today.
There was not a lot said about the Scouts from Troop 664, even though we set the whole thing up, provided the Color Guard, handed out pins and programs, wiped chairs, helped seat people, and ultimately cleaned up the whole thing…
But that’s ok.. we do it out of service, not for fame or fortune…

HOWEVER.. I am very proud to post one of the four pictures that accompanied the article.

John, our Troops OA rep and member of the Troop Leadership Corps (and my son) is shown here helping to raise the flag.. and honor it at half staff. It did not appear in the online edition..so I had to scan it…

Personal pride, not only in John, but all of the Scouts that participated on Memorial Day.

Happy Scouting!

One comment

  1. Yeah, you can be justifiably biased! You and the Troop obviously did a great job!If the local paper doesn’t want to fully recognise the involvement of the Troop, at least you, the Troop and the local community knows who arranged everything.Well done, you all should feel very proud.Nick


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