Time and Energy

Successful people understand that their own energy is a precious resource, and they never waste it.
— Mort Meyerson

I had a great chat with the SPL of our Troop on Monday. We discussed some leadership points and how to deal with individuals that may not be on board with the Troop plan.
In business they have what is called the 80/20 concept. 10 % of the led will be all stars.. 10 % will be apathetic and not really into the task, and 80 % will do what ever is needed and will pretty much go along with the plan.
The key as a leader is to motivate the bottom 10 %, continue to encourage the top 10 % and lead the middle 80, using the EDGE style of leadership. You meet them where they are and adjust your style to them.
Regarding the bottom 10 %. They will exhaust you as a leader and try to suck your energy dry. This is where a leader must know and understand that their own energy is a precious resource and try not to waste it on those that do not want to get on board.
For a Youth leader in Scouting.. the bottom 10 % should be dealt with by the Scoutmaster and his assistants. Youth leaders that are giving their all to do a good job, be an example of the Scout Oath and Law, should not be burdened with those that are there to disrupt and waste others time.

Time is a precious thing. And we do not get more and more of it as we go along through life. We need to make the most of the time we have, and enjoy our Scouting experiences. Scouting is time well spent.

Happy Scouting!

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