Camporee ’08

Camporee ’08 is now in the books and I would say that we accomplished our goal of having fun.

This year the Scouts decided that Top Troop may not be in their grasp. Skill levels are improving and the Patrols are gelling, but Top Troop was just not in their sights. So the goal was to have fun and participate this year.

Trying something new, we camped using Back country techniques this year. Practicing leave no trace and going in light. No big gateway, no patrol boxes, and no pots and pans.. Backpacking stoves and meals and traveling light, we established camp in no time and broke camp faster. It was fun to watch as the rest of the district put up their big front country sites. It showed Scouts the idea of using skills and the ease of Back packing.
The Patrols built back pack racks using their pioneering skills and did a fantastic job with camp craft, cooking and keeping the campsite neat gave the Scouts more time for fun and hanging out.

We watched as five of our Scouts were “Tapped out” or “Called out” into the Order of the Arrow.
We are proud of them and all of our Scouts for the great example they displayed this camporee. Many comments were made about how we camped and what our site looked like.
It was nice to hear when we checked out that the Staff appreciated the way our Scouts led and ran the Troop.

We wrapped up the Camporee weekend with a great Court of Honor and Pot luck. It was a pleasure to recognize the hard work of our Scouts.

Happy Scouting!

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