Competition…its what we do

Boys have a competitive spirit. We are born with it. We compete in just about anything.
Look at your Scout Troop and see how they compete. You will find that they are in a constant state of competition.

Thinking back at Summer camp. After grace, its a mad dash to see who can be first in line for Dinner. They sign up for more merit badges than their buddy, try to swim farther or faster, shoot more bulls eyes and see who can stay up latest.

The competitive spirit is a part of being a boy. We compete at camporee, we compete in School, we compete at home, just watch a set of siblings go at it.
Without competition we get lazy and lack creativity.
Allowing the Scouts to compete is a good thing. It creates an environment of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. It teaches the Scouts valuable lessons about life as a grown up, where we continue to compete, for jobs, status, and fun.

I have heard some Scout leaders say that competition is bad, they we need to make sure every Scout is a winner. Well I disagree. I think that we create winners through competition. Those that compete and loose win in the end through the valuable lessons learned. They strive to do their best.. and that makes them a winner. Trophy or not.

Let them compete..push themselves.. and become winners through hard work and fun.

Happy Scouting!

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