I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Well…. actually Baden Powell said it before.. I just keep saying it.
“Never do what a boy can do”.

That simple little saying means the world to our Scouts. I know that it is hard for your average parent to understand, but your son is a very capable young man. You just gotta let him be one.

This was illustrated today during our Districts Scoutcapades event. 5 young men (two teams) from my Troop went toe to toe..or cast iron to cast iron with other Scouts in the District in the third annual Dutch oven cook off.
They planned the menu, gathered the materials, set up, started the coals, cooked the meal and presented to the judges their cast iron delight. All with out one adult so much as saying hello.
They are capable of just about anything that we let them do.

Oh and by the way.. they came in 3rd and 5th place in the contest. The place is not so much the big deal. The big deal was how they felt knowing that they did there best and we had enough confidence in them to let them do it. I could see the pride in their faces as they served up a great cobbler and some real nice pork roast…mmmm.

And so it goes with everything in Scouting. Let them do it. Parents…Leaders… Get out of the way for a minute and let your Scout set the limit…pass the limit… find a new limit… and challenge himself to great things.
Your son is a perfectly capable young man that wants to prove to you that he can do it. He is used to having everything handed to him and is not used to earning his way. He needs to be challenged and allowed to conquer those challenges without mom and dad hovering with a first aid kit and kid gloves. It does not hurt him to get a little dirty..or tired..or cold..or hungry… he learns from those conditions. He wont starve on a camp out..get the flu.. or learn to shoot craps on a Scouting outing. He will learn to be a part of a team, develop life long skills, and habits for life with value.
Our kids have enough obstacles in their lives, we don’t need to be one of them. Rest assured the Adult leaders of the troop have nothing but the best intentions for your Scout. We want them to develop Character and Citizenship, and to be physically fit. We want them to leave Scouting with a set of skills that they can pass on to their sons, Scouts, or friends.

Your Scout is capable.. are you going to let him show you?

I want to say it in public… I am proud of James, Jakob, Josh F, Lucas, and Josh S. I am so very proud of you guys for showing me, and the rest of the Thunderbird district, that you are capable!

Happy Scouting!

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