Back on track

It seems as though the blog has taken a bit of a back seat to the podcast lately… The podcasts are fun to do and I think offer a different perspective to the Scouting program. That and there is a need for Boy Scout focused podcasts out there.

Any way- I am still committed to the blog and will be getting back on track… On my honor!

So to get back, let me tell you a bit about the podcasts, and why and how I got into it.
I started listening to the podcasts from And no it has nothing to do with Philmont Training center. PTC Media was founded by a couple Cub Scout leaders, Bob and Chris. They too saw a need for another media source for helping deliver the promise of Scouting.
So they started a couple podcasts.. one called Akela’s Adventure and the other called An Hour a Week. Later the media net expanded to another show called the Leaders Campfire.

As the network grew, they expanded once again incorporating the Melrose Scouting productions, videos from a Scout Troop in Minnesota. Steve is the producer, camera man and Scoutmaster of the Troop. He later became a “Permanent” guest host on the leaders campfire.

As I became interested in podcasting, they put out a plea for help on their network, show ideas, guest hosts, and behind the scenes activity. I sent in a reply and offered up my limited talents.
My introduction to podcasting was a series of downloads and the purchase of a mic.. I am now on the third mic due to quality issues.
I got Tom to help me out with a show and we were off. We are now about to publish Show 6.

I have stayed true to the focus of the blog through the podcast, to teach, coach, train, and mentor….. oh and have fun.

Through this adventure I have met some great folks, got some good ideas, and learned a bunch. First and foremost is that there are a great group of Scout leaders all over this country that take the time to produce, publish, download, and listen to ideas about Scouting.
I learned that there is a deep love and appreciation for Scouting in America.. and over the globe.

The podcasts are an extension of round tables, meetings, meetings after the meetings, and in general the brotherhood of Scouting!

Another way for me to get my Scouting geek on!

Happy Scouting!

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