Scout leaders can enable success or they can enable failure. Now I will leave it up to you to decide weather or not you are enabling which, but remember to use the Scouting program as outlined by the BSA to guide you.

We enable success when we allow the Troop to be Boy led. When we have an active and productive Patrol leaders Council that plans and executes the Troop program.
We enable failure when the Adult leaders do it for them. When the plan is a product of the Adult leadership and not that of the Scouts. When the plan is led by an adult we fail to develop leadership in our Scouts.

We enable success when we allow the Scouts to make mistakes, none that will get them hurt, but mistakes in leading. Mistakes in completing a task. We enable the success when the Boy leader has an opportunity to sit down and discuss his situation and learn what he could have done better.
We enable failure when we do it for them. When we take them by the hand and show them exactly what we want done. When we stifle creativity in the boy, not allowing him to go out on a limb. We enable failure when there is no conversation at the end of an event to discuss those things to improve on or continue to do well.

We enable success when we let the Scout work things out. Not jumping right in when Scouts are at each others throat (unless it is getting out of hand). Letting the Scouts sort out problems is part of citizenship and character. Leadership comes out in times of crisis. Allow it to happen, in the controlled environment of the Patrol.
We enable failure when we baby sit the Scouts. They are ready to move on to bigger and better things… we need to let them, without micromanaging or hovering. Let them have success in guided discoveries.

Scout leaders have much to do with enabling success or failure. Baden Powell once told a group of Scoutmasters, “Never do what a Boy can do”. This statement has never been more true.

Enable success in your Scouts and in your Troop.

Happy Scouting!

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