“Every Scout deserves a Trained Leader”

That’s what they tell us.. and its absolutely true.
Training provides the fundamental base for Scout leaders. It builds consistency within the ranks of our leaders and gives them a firm foundation to execute the Boy Scout program as it is intended.
Training gets everyone on the same sheet of music.

Without training leaders do not understand what Scouting is all about. Without training, leaders do not fully understand the mission, purpose, aims and methods of Scouting. Without that knowledge, a leader can not effectively provide the Scouts with a program they deserve.

All leaders should be trained. Start with Youth protection. It is available online and the BSA has done a great job with the new Youth protection training. There is a lot of information that needs to be put out. They package it well and it gives leaders the basic understanding of not only BSA policy, but what to look for when working with our Scouts to recognize abuse.

After Youth protection, hit the fast start training. The leader will start to understand what Boy Scouts are all about.
Pick a Saturday or Roundtable night when training is being offered and go to your Leader specific training. This is a must for leaders that really want to provide a good program.

Every Scout deserves a trained leader.. you can take that to the bank.

Visit the Boy Scouts of America training area on the BSA Web site

Happy Scouting!

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