Answer to Comments

I need to figure out a way to be a little more interactive… when a comment is left on the blog for a topic there really is no way for me to reply back. So I think that I will take some time now and then to address some comments to the Scoutmaster Minute.

I am going to start with a comment regarding Bullies.
The reader asked about a Scoutmaster Minute that dealt with Bullies and Bullying…

Well there is a lot of information out there especially in the guide to Safe Scouting and within the new Boy Scout Requirements.
You can read more at the post on ZERO TOLERENCE I did back in February.

The second comment I want to address is several comments from an anonymous reader. He wanted to discuss my points in an older post about “Being over sensitive”. I did not post his comments on the blog, they were lengthy and did not move Scouting forward. But I would like that reader to know that I did read his comments and yes, gave them some thought.
That is all I really can address, but thank you for your comments.

Westybsa- Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them and agree with you. You have a nice blog over at Scoutingmaniac.

Thanks again folks for the comments.

The podcasting is really moving forward now. I am working with the folks at Leaders Campfire (PTC Media) on a show about Leave No Trace. I’m looking forward to seeing how that comes out.
We just wrapped recording and are doing some editing on the Scoutmaster Minute podcast. Our Second Show discusses the Order of the Arrow Representative. Tom from Troop 664 was a super guest host. That should coming out real soon.
Our third show is in the works and we will be recording that real soon. It is going to discuss the Webelos to Scout transition.

We are keeping pretty busy here at the Scoutmaster minute. I hope this is helpful, I know it is fun.

Thanks again for the comments.

Happy Scouting!

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