Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. The day we recognize the death of Jesus Christ, known to many as our Lord and Saviour. I became engaged in a short debate on this subject, the argument was sort of a Chicken and Egg argument.
The discussion asked which was more important, Christ being nailed to the Cross or Christ Rising from the dead?
I suggested that the argument was flawed because they are two separate and significant events they are connected, but have their own special place in our history and salvation.
First the death on the Cross, were Christ gave up himself for us. He is the Lamb of God and as a Lamb was lead to a sacrificial slaughter. Much as the old testament teaching were the ancients made sacrifices to the Gods, or God.
The rising from the dead was Christs triumph over death. He had to rise to fulfill the Scripture.
Christ rising from dead and being seated at the right hand of his Father is our Lord winning the ultimate battle against evil. He rose to make way for us to join him in the kingdom of heaven.

I do not want to turn this into a theology class or discussion, but I think that as Scouts and Scouters we should keep our commitment to being Reverent at the forefront of our lives. Just because the word Reverent appears at the end of the Scout law, it does not mean it is the least significant. I tend to think it is Scouting’s way of reinforcing the idea that you remember what you hear last.

Happy Easter Season, and Happy Scouting!

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