The Credibility of Bloggers

This week on our local Sports talk show the had a discussion about Blogging and Bloggers.
I had to tune in to hear comments and reaction.
The story that prompted the discussion was that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has banned Bloggers from the teams locker room.
In the past, Blog reporters had received press passes from the team. After a blogger wrote some “Opinion” piece, the Mavericks owner had enough and now has banned those reporters that “Blog Only” from the locker room.

So the discussion on the radio debated the value of blogs and bloggers and the credibility of those that blog.

Now I may be a little biased, but I agreed with much of what they suggested. Bloggers have the ability to write anything they want, completely unregulated or scrutinized by a editor or supervisor. Bloggers can voice an opinion or report on something that may or may not be factual, their documentation or sources never challenged.

Part of the discussion also went to regulation of blogs and bloggers. They suggested some validation or test that a Blogger must complete before being allowed to host a blog. I don’t think this can happen and I would suggest that Blogs are regulated or at least validated by those that read it. Enter credibility.

If I wrote on this blog things that were contrary to the mission, values, and aims of Scouting, I am certain that I would get called out on it. While we monitor comments, bloggers can not change that which appears on message boards or other blogs. Those blogs that lend themselves to be credible sources, while not official, still offer good insight and commentary on that which they are blogging, in this case Scouting.

Blogging has opened up new doors, pathways, access points to the world. There are literally blogs on any topic you can imagine. Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Scouting blogs all have a place at the information super highway table. I think that by and large, discerning readers regulate and validate the blogs.

Happy Scouting!


  1. my comment on this subject is if I find a scouting blog that I do not agree with I would either write the blogger and voice my opinion or I could just avoid it. It is up to the reader to determine whether or not to believe it. I shouldn’t be regulated by others by should be regulated by your personal beliefs. this is one of the hard things about a society where fitting in is the most important thing to do.YISMarkJASM T1616Scoutingmaniac


  2. I enjoy your blog, you have some really neat stuff. However, I am searching for a Scoutmaster’s Minute about bullying, can you help me out with some info or direction? I’ll check this comment section later.Yours in Scouting


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