Building your Foundation

If you were to travel across the country and start up a new town, what would you build first?
A city hall? Fire Department? Police station? Water works? Garbage facility? Medical services?
Every town has the same structures or infrastructure to make it a solid town. The ice cream parlor, the barber, and the city park come after a firm foundation has been build and working to keep the town stable.

The same can be said about building our foundation, our Character.
You need to start with a solid foundation from which the rest of your Character can be built and measured.
Your Faith, your Family, and the Scout Law are all foundation stones to build your Character on.
The Scout Law gives you a solid foundation of those things that you should be in your daily lives. It is a list of principles that others can measure you by and 12 characteristics that others expect of you.
Your foundation must be solid. Even the tallest building in your town can crumble in an instant if it does not have a firm foundation. You too, need to build your foundation to withstand the daily bombardment of bad things in our world today. You need a firm foundation to resist temptation to hang with the wrong crown, even if they are popular and “Cool”. Your foundation needs to shine for others to see that you are strong of Character and that you are reliable person that will stand strong against those with less Character.

It all starts with your foundation. Building a solid foundation, made of Faith and Family and the Scout law will make your Character strong and good. It will make you and those around you better and we will all benefit because of your good Character.

Happy Scouting!

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