Backpacking meals

As we started to plan for our next camp out (Backpack), we began to prepare by planning meals.

We have become a bit lazy with this skill. Try something new, here is a cool site that can give you some good ideas for our up coming camp outs.
One of the reasons I like this site is that it incorporates one of my favorite pieces of gear, the zip lock bag!

Check out the Freezer Bag Cooking site.

For those of you that just can not seem to plan a menu without Ramen… try this one that I tried from the Freezer Bag cooking site.

Ramen Pot Pie:
In a quart freezer bag put:
1 package chicken flavored ramen with seasoning packet. Break up the ramen.
1 pouch or can of chicken (3-7 ounces depending on your taste)
A quart freezer bag with instant mashed potatoes. (I would recommend the Idahoan® ones that have everything in them, or use the cup version that has everything in it.)

In camp add 2 cups boiling water to the ramen. Add in the chicken.
Pop in a cozy for 10 minutes or so, then start adding the potatoes till it becomes nice and thick.

Serves 2.

Happy Scouting!

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