Eco Challenge

The Eco Challenge race has always been an event that draws my attention. It is a test of outdoor skills and endurance.

The race in 2008 is right here in my backyard… The HQ for the Challenge is in my hometown of Troutdale, OR. The event will take place from Mt. Hood, Oregon to Astoria, Oregon on both Bike and Kayak.

You can learn more about Eco Challenge, the Race, and competitors here.
This year all of the competitors are women. 3 of them are from the Portland area. They will compete in 2, 4 women teams.

Great quote from the Eco Challenge Website:

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors…we borrow it from OUR children”- native American proverb (courtesy meet the planet)

While I do not agree with EVERYTHING the Eco Challenge organization stands for, I appreciate their zeal for the outdoors and our wilderness areas, I love their passion of outdoor back country skills, and I like that they turn it into a competition.

You can learn more about Adventure Racing here.

Happy Scouting!

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