They never cease to impress me

If you ever loose faith in what a young man can do, or get discouraged watching the evening news, or read in the paper that our youngsters are not making the grade. Then I encourage you to look at your Scouts… In particular your members of the Scouting Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow.

I have posted these sentiments before, but they truly never cease to impress me.
This past weekend our Lodge held it’s largest event of the year, the Rendezvous of the Order. The event is 100% youth driven. And I must say that the Scouts that put this years on did a great job. The youth leadership really put together a first class event. Well organized and executed. The Lodge holds its elections during the event also. Again, I was impressed with the way in which they conducted themselves as they elected a new Lodge Chief and Vice Chiefs.

I was happy to hear the accomplishments of the youth that were tapped out for the Vigil Honor after the Banquet. To hear the Scouting resumes of these young men was impressive. A true demonstration of the Spirit of Scouting that lives within each of them. It gives us great hope to see such fine young men.

And then again, tonight as the Scouts from my Troop held a practice for an upcoming Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremony. I watched as each of them transformed into their part. I watched as they practiced giving the gift of Scouting to new boys that will join our ranks. I can see that they take it seriously and that they want to do well. This is a far cry from the nightly news and the daily paper.

I am proud of these young men, both the Scouts from my Troop and those fine Arrowmen that put on one heck of a Rendezvous weekend. I look forward to our next event knowing that with the boys in charge and running it, it will be a great time and an experience that leaves us all proud.

Happy Scouting!

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