A small fish tale

Summer camp of 2006 took Troop 664 into the Jefferson Wilderness area and Camp Pioneer owned and operated by a great staff of the Cascade Pacific Council. The weather for the week was fantastic and we loaded up and headed to to Camp.
When we arrived at camp, we went through the usual tour of camp, swim test, and set up routine. The afternoon of the first day is always laid back and full of information meetings and getting to know ya’s.

After lunch the Scouts had free time until dinner. Most of the Scouts of 664 decided it was high time to get their lines in the water and see about pulling in some nice brown trout that the lake at Pioneer is famous for.
The Scoutmasters had to report to the Chapel at camp, the absolute best chapel in all of Scouting. The view is second to none, carved into the side of a slope with the lake at its feet and the best view of Mt. Jefferson in all of Oregon. The Chapel puts you right in Gods palm.
As the Scoutmaster’s gathered Red hats dotted the banks of the lake and fishing had begun. It looked like the whole Troop was out there seeing who could get the first fish.
As the lecture on Camp policies and procedures began, we noticed a young Scout on the bank, he looked to be fighting a whale. Immediately the lecture stopped as we all took in the sight of Summer camp memories being made. The pride that a group of Scoutmasters had for this young anonymous Scout could be seen in the smiles of the group as we all rose to our feet. Suddenly the fish was out of the water. And joyful Scout shouted to his buddies that he had a big one. Then as if looking for a nod of acceptance the Scout turned toward the Chapel found my red hat and made eye contact with me. I gave him a big thumbs up and yelled across the lake “WELL DONE CHAD!” His reply sent the group of Scoutmasters in to hysterical laughter. “WHAT DO I DO NOW? Chad yelled back.

Now concern for this poor fish took over as I excused myself from the meeting and ran to the other side of the lake. “I think its dead” one Scout said. “Give it CPR” said another. “Does this mean we have to Eat it?” came a voice from behind a bush. Amazingly the fish was still alive and it did in fact swim away after we removed the hook and held it in the water for a minute.

For the rest of the week we think we saw that fish a few more times, but not another fish was caught, not for a lack of trying, those lines stayed in the water all week long, every day before breakfast and after dinner the Scouts of 664 made an presents on the banks of the lake.

Chad got the first and only fish of the week, and in the process became a story for the Troop to last a life time.

Happy Scouting!

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