Citizenship in our Nation

Today I was listening to a local talk show, the show focuses on issues that are of interest to conservatives in the Northwest. Some times the host is dead on, while at other times he can get out there, I think mainly to get a reaction or to cause one to think.
On today’s show he said something that I thought to be a little disturbing. He said (paraphrasing) that he will not vote rather than to vote for any of the candidates currently in the race for our Presidency. So here is were I have the problem.

You see, one of the most cherished rights we have in America is that we can freely elect our Representatives and ultimately our President. Without coercion or threat, we can pick and choose who leads our country. We have the right of the Vote. And that vote is precious. Now some folks think that their vote does not count, and while mathematically that may be true, every vote counts, because every vote is a voice. A voice that says to the world “I choose”.

To not vote is to silence that voice. Now I understand that he is saying that there is no one worth voting for, but still a choice must be made. To throw away your right to choose the leader is not the right thing to do. The minute you give up that right, you open the door for more rights to be taken. We all make choices that we do not like or choices for things that may not be our favorite, but we make the choice none the less. We are involved in the process, that is the obligation of a citizen.

Citizenship in our Nation requires us to live by the laws set forth by the people. It asks us to be a part of the process. We live in a Republic, which is a country that is represented by the people. In short, the people are the government. We get to make the decisions that effect us, sometimes indirectly through our elected representative, but we get to make the choice.

I am not happy with the choices we are being given with this next election either. I will keep my political views out of this, but needless to say as a conservative my choices have been limited this time. But I assure you that I will look at who will be best for the Country, and vote. I will have a voice to help decide the men and the measures. To not vote will not make a point, it will just take away the voice. To be a good citizen in America I must demonstrate my willingness to choose, like our fore fathers and founders that stood up and said.. Hear my voice! They shaped our nation and established the process that I am a part of today.

Remember that citizenship is ours to maintain. If we do not take our part seriously, we will loose the right to take part at all.

Happy Scouting!

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