LNT- Minimize Campfire Impacts

Campfires have always been a part of Scouting. There is nothing like sitting around the campfire with the guys, laughing, telling stories, or just being mesmerized by the embers as they glow. And just because we practice leave no trace, does not mean that we need not have that experience. We do however need to be aware of the impact that the fire leaves and do all we can to minimize the impact.

Here are some ways we can do this:
First, where available use established fire rings. If rings are not available, pack in a fire pan or build a fire mound.
Second, keep the fires small. I know that Boy Scouts like to have fires that can be seen from the space station, but a small fire produces the same embers and glow and creates a more peaceful setting.
Third, burn only sticks that can be picked off the ground and broken by hand.
and finally, burn all wood and coals to ash, put out campfires completely, then scatter the cold ashes.

Some wilderness area do not allow fires at all. Observe this rule. The rule is in place die to fire danger and to lessen the impact or reduce the damage that has been done.

Minimizing the impact of campfires is not only a principle of Leave no trace, but a great idea for helping preserve our wilderness and protecting it against uncontrolled burns. Burning the sticks that lay on the ground helps the Eco system as it cleans up some unneeded fuels on the ground and it does not take away from the scenic beauty of the wilderness.

Happy Scouting!

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