Time for Scouting

When you break it down the 2010 National Jamboree is right around the corner. And like most Councils, the Cascade Pacific Council is in the process of selecting its Adult leaders and applications for youth positions are now available.

As I worked on the online applications for my two sons, I found it interesting that, one, the application was rather lengthy and two, it asked about information outside of Scouting.
I suppose neither one of those are surprising, but it struck me as odd that an event two years away would need that kind of information now.

But here is why, I think. There is always a great debate about Scouting and the time it consumes. We constantly hear about the struggles of parents trying to get from Soccer to Scouts, from Football practice to meetings on Mondays, from School work to Camp outs.
I had this discussion a couple nights ago with my own sons. While we all lead busy lives and our children have Palm Pilots and planners, Moms and Dads need to have Sync meetings on Sundays nights to coordinate the week, it seems that there is always time for Scouting.

There is time after School before a meeting to do homework and study. There is time to work on advancement and merit badges, the Scout has till he is 18. I think what is missing in most peoples lives is perspective. Putting all of the daily routine in perspective will give a clear picture of what you are really doing. Are busy to be busy? Are you active to be seen? Are you really getting the most out of your life?
I think, and of course I have a biased opinion, that Scouting is that activity that rounds it all out. Scouting is the activity that is values based that focuses on the good things in life and preparing young men to be their best and do their best. Their best in the class room, in Church, at home, and in life.

So as I filled out the applications and got to the questions about out of Scouting activities, we answered that we are busy with Football, Band, School, Church, Family and Friends like most families. But in my planner I wrote, “there is always time for Scouting”. In fact there is never a time that Scouting should not be a part of our lives. It is not always when we wear our uniforms, we are Scouts and Scouters daily. Living the motto and practicing the Slogan. Taking the Oath and Law to heart and keeping it a part of our daily lives.

The 2010 National Jamboree is going to be spectacular. It is our 100th Anniversary and sure to be a once in a life time experience. What a blessing it is to live in this time.

Happy Scouting!

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