LNT- Leave what you find

The fourth principle of the Leave No Trace outdoor ethic is “Leave what you find”.

Said best… “Leave only footprints.. take only pictures“. We have heard that one for years.
This allows others a sense of discovery. By leaving rocks, plants, and artifacts were they are, others can have the same experience as you.

Leave areas as you found them. Minimizing your impact in camp leaves the area just as nice as when you arrived. Do not dig trenches or leave pioneering projects up. If you clear an area to put you tent up, replace the pine cones and twigs that you clear. Consider the idea that “Good Campsites are found and not made.”

Avoid damaging trees and plants. Never hammer nails or screws into trees to hang things on them. Never hack at trees or carve into them. Cutting boughs for use a sleeping pad is a great idea if you are on Man Vs. Wild.. but a good sleeping pad works better and does not make the impact as hacked boughs.

Leave Natural objects and Cultural artifacts.
Natural objects of beauty or interest, such as antlers, petrified wood, or colored rocks, add to the mood of the back country and should be left so others can experience the sense of discovery also.

Happy Scouting!

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