If you believe it…

It will happen…
I’m talking about the Scout Law of course… You need to believe it to live it.
I have said it many times before, but you never have to look for Good Deeds, they are all around you, you just need to keep yourself open to it.

“A Scout is helpful” “To help other people at all times”

Cartoon by Rich Diesslin, www.the-cartoonist.com, used with permission

But you need to believe that. Not just say it. Opportunities present themselves all the time, but if you are not living the Oath and Law, you will not see the opportunities.

I am constantly seeing opportunities to be helpful, simple stuff like holding a door open, carrying a bag or two for someone, clearing the table at home etc.
The opportunities are all around. Ever since I started talking about it, it seems as though the chances to helpful have seemed to increase.

Do you say the words and mean what you say? Do you say the words and forget about it? The choice is yours, but a part of being a Trustworthy Scout is that you actually mean what you say.
You can associate this with Loyalty also in that people expect Scouts to “Do a Good Turn”. Those that know that you are in Scouting just expect you to live the values of the Oath and Law, even if they have no idea what the Law says.
It is an easy part of Scouting.. to be helpful. Part of each level of advancement requires you to “DEMONSTRATE SCOUT SPIRIT”. You do this by LIVING the Scout Oath and Law and not just reciting them.
We had a discussion the other night where I asked a Senior Scout what he could do to be better at being a positive influence. Of course the Scout had all the right answers, so I asked him to look me square in the eye and tell me what he could do.
Looking me in the eye the answers became a lot more honest and real. Suddenly you could see the Scout realize the expectation of living the Scout Oath and Law. And what it really meant to him. Sometimes it can be tough to live the Law. It forces you to go against the Social grain in some cases. And that’s ok. It is better to be right than cool.
As a Scoutmaster I spend a lot more time in conferences talking about the Oath and Law than anything else, especially for those Scouts Star and Life. Believing the Oath and Law is the foundation for demonstrating it. And the Oath and Law is the foundation of Scouting. Without our Oath and Law, we are just guys that get together and camp.

If you believe the Oath and Law… really believe the values and promises contained within, than you will be a better Scout and a better person. Standing on the Oath and Law as your foundation you will see opportunities to demonstrate it.

Being Helpful is a value of Scouting. It is also a promise that we make to ourselves and to those around us.
Believe in the Law and Oath and opportunities will come to live it.

Happy Scouting!

Scout Knots cartoon by Rich Diesslin

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