Pod casting

A recent improvement to the Scouting program using today’s technology is the Pod Cast.
Now for those of you that don’t know, the Pod Cast is a way to present information, typically from an Internet host. You can download these presentations or listen to them right on your computer.
Many people say, “Well I don’t have an Ipod!” The good news is you don’t have to own an Ipod. Any program or device that plays MP3 files will do.

These presentations are like listening to talk radio shows, good for us, we have some Scouters out there that have found there way to our MP3 Players, and the message they are sending is good.

Here are a few examples of Scouting Pod Cast sites:

The Cascade Pacific Council is trying their hand at it. You can find them here.
This is another great site that really suites me. CLICK HERE.
If you are interested in the Order of the Arrow and Patch collecting than you want to check out the Cloth Talk site.
For those of you that are still active in the Cub Scout program check out this neat site that will make your MP3 Scout friendly! And I love the Title An hour a week!”
Staying with the Cubbies… The Boy Scouts of America have this site for you.

Here is a one “Pod cast” from the BSA PODCAST Website. I am not sure if this is an “Official” site of the BSA, but they have some good programs. Take a listen, and take it with you.

You gotta love Technology!

Happy Scouting!

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