Music, Video games, and Scouting!?

This weekend our OA Chapter held a “Pow Wow”. Essentially it was a way to kick off 2008 with a fun and relaxing get away weekend. A hand full of adults and a nice size group of Arrowmen met at Scouters Mountain and had a party.
Friday was a fellowship gathering, cracker barrel and a generally relaxed night.
Saturday, the group worked on regalia and the ceremony teams did a little practicing, but by and large it was just a bunch of fun. Saturday night after dinner we had a special demonstration of the Native American Flute, all the guys got a shot at it and learned how neat it was and how it can enhance ceremonies. Then the ceremony team competed in a ceremonies contest. They made up ceremonies or presented cross over/Arrow of light ceremonies.. it was pretty cool.
Then it was game time.

Xbox’s were set up and projected on the wall via computer projectors, other game systems were in this corner and that corner, the music was turned up, the light went out and hours of gaming and electronic activity began.

Now I personally do not have a problem with this, I suppose it falls into the “Time and place” category. What I found interesting however was the choices of music and games the young men play.
At one point, the small group of adults sitting in the room collectively asked the boys.. “Why don’t you play your own music?” Everything they played was from our High School day and earlier. And that was a while ago. I guess I should applaud them for their collective taste in music and thankful they turn away from other modern musical styles, but come on… it’s ours and we want it back.

The games, well, I am not sure what to say about that. I am a fan of the “Shooter game”, as long as it is not that graphic. I really like the sports games and find the Madden Football outstanding, sure beats “Pong” or “Asteroids”. I am not a believer that video games cause a kid to flip out and become ax murder participants. Besides, these are Scouts and a firmly believe in what our program is offering them. A night of video games will not hurt.

I guess the point is, sometimes the Scouts need a break from the norm. Taking the Honor Society up to the Camp and letting them have a good time will do good things.
This morning as we cleaned up and parted ways, the boys were tired, but happy. They had made new friends, hung out with buddies, learned some new things, but mostly had fun.

We have a real active Chapter of the OA. 2007, these guys worked their tails off and made it more active, more directed at Service, and more fun. Ending 2007, 31 of the Arrowmen earned the Leadership in Service Award, that is the most in the Lodge, and a handful of them are from our Troop. 2008 promises to be even better.

It was nice to go to a youth party and have the ability to sing along…

Happy Scouting!

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