Know your Role…

Tonight we had a chat with the leadership (youth) of the Troop, namely the Arrowmen. The discussion was about the upcoming Troop elections and the OA elections.
I challenged them to think about their role within the Troop and if they are meeting the expectations set as leader in the Troop and the expectation that comes with being a member of the Order of the Arrow and wearing a leadership patch.
I want them to think about their leadership and if they are being and influence in the Troop. The short answer is that they all are an influence. Now the question is- what kind.. positive or negative. That is up to them to decide, they will have to do some thinking about that and let me know next week.

Tonight we had a group of Webelos Scouts visit the Troop. They seemed to be a great group of boys and I am sure they will fit in nicely with our Troop. But the best part of the night for me was when one of the Moms asked me in no uncertain terms about Trust. Essentially, how does she know that she can trust to send her son with me and the Troop on camp outs etc.

I thought about this for about a second and replied that she has to let me earn it.
I went on to tell her that trust and loyalty are earned and that the only way she can develop that is to watch my consistent leadership, mentoring, coaching and teaching in the Troop context.
It is also important that she knows a bit about me and that my “Resume” is open to the public.
I hope I satisfied her question, but the point is that it is all about consistant leadership and the earning of Trust and Loyalty.. the first two points of the Scout Law.
As I have said before.. to become Trustworthy.. you must be trusting and worthy of Trust.
To get loyalty you must give loyalty and prove to those you lead that you are worthy of their Loyalty.

It is my hope that the Leadership of the Troop have a good week of reflection and come to a better understanding of what their role is in the Troop. Are they in fact good influences that understand the importance of their influence? I know they are, but how do they consistently apply it is what I want them to figure out.

Reflect on your Role in Scouting….what do you come up with?

Happy Scouting!

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