Skills equal Confidence

We had a great weekend up at the Little John Rec. Area this weekend.
The weather was good.. nice a cold and lots of snow.
The Scouts of 664 did a fantastic job, they tested and learn skills, but more important, they developed confidence in their ability to camp in the cold and snow.
This was our 3rd snow camp, and our most successful.

Skills from setting up camp, planning good meals, and staying dry were tested and past.
The focus was to stay dry to see the effect the next day. There is nothing worse than waking to solid frozen pants.

I am pleased to say, that we made it fun and the Scouts did well.
We had about an hour of sunshine, but the temps stayed around 26 ensuring we would not get rain. You could not have asked for better weather really, considering it is January on Mt. Hood.

We spent 3 meetings getting prepared for this one. Practicing and developing skills before we hit the snow. Meetings dedicated to gear, first aid, and in camp routines payed off as we woke up this morning to a crisp 16 degrees and a light snow.
The Scouts emerged from their tents with smiles and warm feet. Breakfast was on the backpacking snows and the Assistant Scoutmasters and I enjoyed a steaming cup of Joe.

The load out was a bit slow, but we told the boys we were not in a rush.. so they took their time and enjoyed the setting.

What a difference a year makes. Skills built confidence.. Confidence made success.

Great Job 664.. I am always proud of you.

Happy Scouting!

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