Have a Blessed New Year

Happy New Year everyone. My wish for all of you is that this coming year is blessed and you have another great year of Scouting.

Last night we had a quiet get together, just family. It was a great way to ring in the New Year.
I suppose as you get older, you start to reflect more and take stock in where you are and where you want to be. So this week has been one of reflection and buying stock in my life. Measured in time and reward or fulfilment I am pleased to say, that with few exceptions, things are looking good. And when I finished the list, I can honestly say that Scouting is there among the top of the list, in fact it is because of Scouting that much of my life is seeing great reward and giving me fulfillment.
I’ll share how;

It is through Scouting that family is closer together.
It is through Scouting that I have such wonderful friends. And let me say this. Some would say that you need a lot of friends. Well I would much rather have a few GREAT friends. The friends I have in Scouting are just that. I know that they all have the same interest. They are people that live a set of values consistant with mine. They understand the Oath and Law and I know that I can trust them. Great friends are much better than lots of friends.
It is through Scouting that I have closer relationships. Especially with my Son’s.
It is through Scouting that I can exercise my passion for the out doors.
It is through Scouting that we get to watch young boys become men of character, and we see that growth daily.
It is through Scouting that I have a stronger relationship with my God.
It is through Scouting that I have an impact in the Leaders of tomorrow.

A simple orange flier that my oldest son carried home from School one day 8 years ago inviting him to be a Tiger Cub rekindled the fire of Scouting and has made us a better family and better citizens of our Community. It opened the memories of my childhood as a Scout and inspired me to get back into it.
Now, a Scoutmaster, I owe allot to Scouting.. and for better or worse.. I would not change a thing!

That was then……this is now
(Me, when I was a First Class Scout.. and now, my two Son’s and I)

Reflect and see the impact Scouting has had on you.. then share it.

Happy New Year… may 2008 be a wonderful year that sets a course on an awesome trail of adventure and prosperity.

Happy Scouting!

One comment

  1. Nice pictures. I have an Scout uniform just like that hanging in my closet, although I never got past the Second Class Rank. I have to say, the current uniform can be a bit more colorful.Steve BScoutmaster, Troop 68, CMChttp://melrosetroop68.org/blog.html


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