2008 is just around the corner

And in a flash its done… The presents are all given and gotten, unwrapped and the trash is full. Bellies are aching from too much food and the thought of Christmas leftovers make the stomach turn.
Now it is time to start over. 2008 is literally around the corner. It is time to make resolutions, but first we need to look back at 2007 and realize what we need to make the coming year better.
Yes it is time to look at what we need to Start, Stop, and Continue to make 2008 a great year, not just in Scouting, but in our lives away from tan shirts and red tabs.

But there is the good rub, we don’t, nor should we separate the two. Scouting has given us the tools for a great 2008 (I’m sure you didn’t see this coming).

Yes, that’s right… THE SCOUT OATH AND LAW!

We had an interesting week leading up to Christmas. Our house was broken into and burglarized. Luckily no one was home and nothing of significance was taken.. it was all just stuff. But the fact that a person entered my house and violated my “Free space” really got me thinking about why?

We can assume many things, but the short answer is the person that came into my house and took our things had no respect, no values.
The person did not respect the fact that we work hard for the things we have. And if we need more, we work harder. We don’t steal to increase our wealth, we earn it.
The person does not understand values. Values found in the Scout Law. Values like being Trustworthy, Kind, Loyal, Obedient, Thrifty, Brave, Reverent, and so on. No this person does not understand those values and surely does not live them. Boy, did this person need Scouting.

So I started to think about 2008… What do I want to make better? How do I want to feel as I write preparing for 2009? What do I need to Start, Stop, and Continue?

And the short answer is live the Scout Law better… Daily. If I do that… EVERYTHING else will fall into place… Everything.

Think about that as you prepare this week to enter into 2008.
I think that if we all lived the Oath and Law, it will be a terrific 2008, not just for us, but for those around us.

Happy Scouting!

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