Part 1 – Trustworthy and Loyal

The first two parts of the Scout Law… yeah we all know that right…
But lets talk about it in terms that mean something.

Do you Trust me? Why? Is it because I have earned your trust or because I have a patch on my sleeve that says “Scoutmaster”.
Well, I suppose the answer should be “Both”. But I hope it is the former.
Trust is earned. It is an essential component of any relationship and in the context of Scouting it is the foundation of the Patrol. You have got to trust one another. This breeds respect and friendships. It tells the other members of the patrol that I can be counted on. That I will always be there.

This brings us to Loyalty… Loyalty starts with the leaders and works its way down to the Patrol members. Loyalty means that you will be true to your family, your Patrol and Troop, your School and your Nation. Loyalty is non negotiable. You are either Loyal or you are not.
In a patrol the members count on loyalty to get things done. Coupled with Trust, Loyalty tells the members that you can be counted on and you will never give up. That you will put the team before yourself and that your buddies can depend on you to pull your share of the task.
Loyalty runs deep. That is why I say you either are or you are not. It is not something you can turn on and off.

In terms of the winter cam pout. Trustworthy and Loyal play a big part. You need to count on your patrol mates to watch out for you and keep a vigilant eye out for signs of cold weather injuries. You also should be able to count on the members of your patrol to should their share of the task. If everyone viewed it that way then no one would want to let the other down.

Trust and Loyalty are both earned, and the way in which they are earned are by being Trustworthy and Loyal.

Happy Scouting!

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