Preventing the Yard Sale

Keeping your gear organized is important. Important for many reasons, but namely to prevent the “Yard Sale”.

Keeping your gear all together helps you in all camping situations. In the cold, knowing where all your gear is can save you from frostbite and having a miserable time.
Keeping your gear packed and together keeps your gear dry and clean. And in a Cold weather environment this is critical to staying warm.

So here are some tips to Prevent the Yard sale.

1. Organize your Pack. Use ditty bags, zip lock bags, or garbage bags, but keep your gear compartmentalized as much as possible. Keep your extra clothing in a separate “Dry” bag, keep your cooking gear together, keep your wet weather gear in bags. The use of ditty bags keeps your part compartmentalized. Everything has a bag and every bag has a place. This make finding gear real easy too.

2. Pack your backpack for the experience. Pack those things you don’t need right away in the bottom and back… pack that which you need right away close to the top and the outside pockets.
Trail mix and water on the outside, extra long johns in the bottom.
Pack your backpack, don’t just shove things in it. If you organize the pack at the start, it will stay that way throughout the cam pout.

3. Take out only what you need. Leave everything else in the pack. When you are in your tent, you do not need the entire contents of your pack with you. Your sleeping bag, your pad, and the clothing for tomorrow.. everything else should be stored away in your pack.

4. Use your zippers. Every zipper on your pack should be zipped. Put stuff away and zip it closed. This way if you have to move your pack, your gear will not fall out.

5. Use a pack cover. A pack cover keeps your gear dry and contained. Critters won’t get into your pack, neither will snow, rain, or dirt. A pack that is covered also presents a neat and tiddy package. It shows that you have packed and kept your gear together.

Finally, keep your gear to a minimum. If you don’t need it, or you have never used, don’t take it. Pack for the occasion. You won’t need sandals on a winter camp out.. so don’t pack them, that is one less thing you have to worry about.

Preventing the “Yard sale” is key. If your gear is scattered all over the place, you are not being a good camper. Your gear is getting lost, dirty, and wet. If you fail to take care of your gear it will fail to take care of you.

These little tips can make your camping experience better, no matter what the weather. Keep your gear organized and your gear will last longer, stay clean and dry and help you have a great Scouting experience.

Happy Scouting!

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