Scouting for Food

Today we helped.
Today was the annual Scouting for food drive. 15 dedicated Scouts and 5 Adult leaders braved the snow and helped out not only with bringing food, but collecting it from units dropping, weighing it, sorting it, and putting it all away… all 7204 lbs of the food collected for the St. Vincent de Paul Food bank.
Only 14 units dropped at our location, but the seven thousand plus pounds of food will go a long way this winter in helping those less fortunate in our community.
Scouting for Food is a wonderful program that we do each year. It really brings out a sense of service, especially to the boys of Troop 664. As the food is being collected, sorted etc. The food bank doors are open and the Scouts get to see the direct result of their labor. Those folks that need a helping hand are served.
If it were not for the Boy Scouts there would many people not having basic needs like a meal tonight.

Great Job Boys! That is what Helpful and Friendly are all about. You made us all proud!

Happy Scouting!


The last of the 7204 lbs to weigh, sort, and put away

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