You are who you are…

But how do you get there?
Have you ever heard the term “Guilt by association”? In short it means you become like those you hang with. Or you shape yourself by the values and virtues that those around you live.

The last two days we have been bombarded with the news of Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskin safety that was shot in his home and later died.
While this is a tragedy, we need to look at the conditions that lead to the shooting.
Now I am just using a little common sense here, and I hope that I am wrong, but when you put 2 and 2 together, typically you get 4.

Sean Taylor, like many of our pro athletes, have a tendency to draw themselves to a crowd that is less than desirable. He went the University of Miami, yet another factor. It seems that a trouble cloud seems to follow U of M athletes.
Taylor did not come from a bad home, he went to a private school, dad is a Police officer, but he found himself gravitating to a bad element, an element that became both his life style and the style of his death. It is reported that since the birth of his daughter, he was turning his life around, and I applaud him for that. Unfortunately that does not mean that those that he hung around with were changing their lives around.
2 + Last week his house was entered and a knife was left on his bed. Nothing was taken.
2 + This week someone entered his house. Went to his bed room and shot him. Nothing was taken and his girl friend and child were not harmed.
= 4. This bad element defined him and later took his life.

Stay out of bad elements. Hang around with those that will lift you up and not drag you down.
Join a gang called the Boy Scouts and develop character and values.
Live the Scout Law and Oath and you will never and I mean never end up in a situation like Sean Taylor. Surround yourself with those that are Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. People that understand Duty and Service.
People that love and appreciate the outdoors, like to compete for the sake of competition and good sportsmanship. People that respect one another and those things around them.

Yes, I said it is an easy fix. Some would argue that these athletes that get mixed up in bad crowds are creatures of their upbringing, that they can not get out or break the cycle. This is all they know. No, that to me is a cop out. Any athlete that is making that much money, that can afford the life style of the rich an famous, can surely find themselves a path out. The alternative is to stay in and end up a victim. One of my favorite radio talk show hosts always says “Nothing good ever happens at 2 in the morning”. So why put yourself in that position. The National Football league has a “Player Assistance Service” program that is available to help those that need it.
Now it is up to the player to use it… as much as it is up to the Scout to learn and live the Scout Oath and Law. It is up to individuals to be accountable for their actions.
If one truly wants to turn their around they can. It all starts with the Character of the person.

As Scouts we know what right looks like. We have our compass to guide us on our path. Always true, the Scout Oath and Law guide us down a path to success in life. Your “Assistance Program” is called the Patrol method. Your mentor program is called the Scoutmaster conference. Your life skills are developed in the advancement program and you get to taste the great things life has to offer in the Merit Badge Program. What more can one ask for? Everything to make you a good person, a man of Character. Physically Fit and able to make ethical decisions.

When was the last time a Scoutmaster had his door kicked in and was shot? Thank goodness it is not to often, if ever.

Unfortunately Sean Taylor had to die. It is a tragedy and my heart goes out to his family, especially his little girl. I am sorry it came to this, but I can’t help but think it could have been avoided. Simply by not being Guilty of association.. association with a bad element.

Say a prayer for his family, and ask God to guide those that need help getting right… the help is there.. we meet every Monday night and camp once a month!
We get high…. on Mountains!
We travel in gangs… called Patrols!
We shoot rifles… on ranges!
We Chill… in snow caves!
We are up the creek… with two paddles and a canoe!

Happy Scouting!

One comment

  1. dude, Your analogy does not work at all on sean, rewrite it for Vic the Dog Killer. THAT guy was bad and hanging with creeps. We don’t know who broke in sean’s house, it could be a crazy stalker he didn’t even know. The reason you don’t hear about scout master’s home being broken in is because #1 they are not famous/celebrity #2 It just is not part of the story because it happens at home, not while the person is acting in capacity as a scout leader.


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