The Point is…

I received a comment re: You are who you are
An Anonymous reader says:
“dude, Your analogy does not work at all on Sean, rewrite it for Vic the Dog Killer. THAT guy was bad and hanging with creeps. We don’t know who broke in Sean’s house, it could be a crazy stalker he didn’t even know.
The reason you don’t hear about scout master’s home being broken in is because #1 they are not famous/celebrity #2 It just is not part of the story because it happens at home, not while the person is acting in capacity as a scout leader. “

Well Dude, you missed the point. The point is not Sean Taylor, or Mike Vic, or anyone else. It is about who we are and how we get there.
You can not deny Sean Taylor’s past as being one of misdeeds and ok… “Being in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Lets see.. He has his car shot up by a thug with an AK 47. His “Friends” tell him to leave Miami. Has his house stalked and entered, a knife placed on his bed. And now he is dead.
This is not random and it does not happen to often. I would suggest, and keep in mind this is my opinion… I am no Matlock… but the folks Taylor and Vic and Pacman and the like hang with are NO GOOD. And therefore it places them in positions like this.

The point about Scoutmasters (and Scouts) is that we don’t put ourselves in those positions. That simple. Its not about the money and the fame.. its about Character and Values.

You simply missed the point. I am not bashing on Sean Taylor. I am a Redskin fan and loved to watch him play. It truly is a tragedy and I wish it had not happened… but We are who we are and how we get there is formed in large part by the associations we keep.

Anonymous..thanks for your comment.

Happy Scouting!

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