A Game of Character

This Saturday perhaps the very best game of the year will be televised.
As you all know I am a huge Football fan. And I love to use analogies using sports to relate back to Scouting.
So this weekend is the absolute perfect example of everything that is GOOD about Sports and Athletes.

We spend too much time on the negative, drugs, shootings, dog fighting etc. Well we get one year that we do not have to worry about the headlines reading something negative or full of controversy.
This weekend is the 108th match up between Army and Navy.

These young men will meet on the gridiron with no hopes of NFL careers, no dreams of a Nike contract, no idea of mansion and a posse.

No these student athletes are playing for honor, pride, tradition, and each other. For the seniors this will be the last time they every play in a football game. For the seniors their mansion will be a sun shade in Iraq next year, their contract will be 8 years in the Army or Navy, their branding will be Kevlar, Beretta, and sucking water from a Camel Back.
This is the last true sporting event in America. It is not about anything other than the love of the game and playing your heart out for one day.

For 108 years these to Academies have slugged it out for pride and the honor of bragging it up for a year. Army has won 49 times, Navy has won 52 times and they have called it a draw in 7 games.

The men that meet on the playing field are men of Character, you wont see brawls or smack talk, you won’t see a high flying offensive attack, you will see the wish bone and the option.
You will see two lines collide and move the ball yards at a time, fighting for each step.
This is a game of Character, where all that matters is that they gave it 100% and played with honor. Consistent with the lives that these men have chosen to live every day.

Watch this game this weekend and celebrate Character… you won’t get it on any other channel this weekend. You won’t see it on any other playing field. And you will not see on Sunday.

Happy Scouting!

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