and on the heals of….

My last post regarding Eagle Scouts.

Tonight I had the pleasure of sitting and having three Scoutmaster Conferences.
The first two were young men that are completing the Arrow of Light. They came to our Troop meeting tonight to ask for a conference.
Both of these young men were very knowledgeable and had obviously done their homework.
They were a breath of fresh Scouting air… Polite, dressed in their full uniforms, and absolutely versed in the requirements for completion of the AOL…
So I thought I’d throw them a small curve ball. After they recited the Scout Law for me, I asked them which one they needed to work on to be a better person.
After thoughtful consideration both of them came up with answers that really showed me they knew what the Law meant, at least to them. Good for them.
They will be fine additions to the Troop.

Then I sat with a young man that is working the trail to First Class. He is a motivated lad and works hard. At the outset I told him, he needed to do better than the two Webelos Scouts, he chuckled and said to me that I shouldn’t expect less. After I regained my composure we talked about his skills and he demonstrated a few first aid requirements for me. We had a nice talk about what the Law meant to him and we finished with some words of encouragement, a hand shake, a job well done… I know that he is ready for Second Class, and one day will become an Eagle.

Thought provoking questions, and answers that match, a good night for Scouting as three young men showed that they do take it serious and want to become Eagle Scouts, but they want to Earn it.

Happy Scouting!

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