A great time to serve

Yesterday I spent 6 hours with 5 Scouts at the Portland International Airport. Horizon Airlines sent a plea for help during what was to be a pretty busy day at PDX with all the holiday travelers heading home.
Horizon Airlines wanted to provide an opportunity for the Scouts to “Do a Good Turn”, and the plan worked.
We assisted passengers that needed help with wheel chairs, young children, and other special needs. It turned out to be a good day for the Boy Scouts of America.
Dressed in our full uniforms we pushed wheel chairs with grateful passengers to baggage claim, helped them up the stairs into the aircraft, and even kept a few children flying unaccompanied entertained for a few hours. I am sure they will remember the time spent with a few Scouts that made their travel a little easier.
At the end of the day we all felt like we had done a good thing, it was not hard work, but it was work that really helped other people.

I have traveled a lot, and luckily I have never needed assistants, but seeing the folks that needed it yesterday, I can appreciate the difficulty of those travelers with needs.
Simple things like getting from one flight to the next in a wheel chair now becomes a task. A task that required coordination, planning, communication, and then someone to assist.

Horizon Airlines really provides a great service to those with special needs, we saw that in their plan yesterday. I am glad that we could help them out.

During this holiday season, lets not forget those that have extra or special needs. Something as simple as holding a door open could make the day of someone else.

Remember.. DO A GOOD TURN DAILY… that’s EVERY DAY.. not just days you are in your Scout uniform.

Happy Scouting!

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